To get started with Google adword you first need to create an account. All you need for this is a google account which will be used in google account  , google analytics , youtube account etc .

To begin, first sign up  from the right top corner .

1. Adwords will then try and take you through a kind of setup wizard . Here you will need to enter your email address along with your website Url . Once you’ve  done this you will reach to page that introduces you to  Google adwords express. As I mentioned previously in the last section , this is something you want to avoid as you will end up spending  a whole load of unnecessary  money.

2. So if  you are seeing this page  , click on the link that says “compare adwords express with adwords” this will let you change it back to the standard Adwords set up.

3.Now that you are back to the normal setupwhich you can take up to the level you are  getting there which you can take up to core. Once you are back to norma;l setup you can create your first campaign.

4.The budget for campaign is upto you , it is determined on per day basis , so if you decide to spend Rs1000 per day , then you are spending Rs30,000 per month on your PPC ad campaign.After this  you set the location that your company is based on whether  you like to show your ad on both  search result and google partner.

5. Next step is on which keyword you want to bid. You can get keyword reach through different tools available like ubersuggest , Sem Rush etc. What you have to do is to  make your keyword as precise as you want . Keyword should be targeted accurately , its much easier to to start campaign with low budget campaign and gradually expand as your reach and budget increases.

6. Next step is bidding maximum on keyword you want to rank on.

Now you have to design your ad campaign

Landing Page – This is the ultimate page (your website) where you want your user to be.

This page should clearly project your product sales pitch and your vision and mission.

 Headline 1 – This is the most promienent  piece of your ad. You want this headline  to be straight  to the point and grab the attention of the  user.

Headline 2 – This is the second line that you also want to grab attention  , ideally this one reads well both on its on and together.

Description – The description is where you can get into a little more detail about what your ad is about. You have word limit of 80 words and want to make every word count.

Now your first campaign is ready to rock. Its time for payment section.

You will need to enter your payment information  before you can start editing the campaign fully. The above steps were you setting up your account for basic use. Now that you have done all of that you are ready to tweak your campaign and set it up properly.