How to do SEO for Website in 2020

  • Want to learn about SEO?
  • Want to rank your website in Google’s First Page?
  • What are the strategies for Good SEO?
  • What are backlinks? And How to build High Quality Backlinks?
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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. In other words, we can say that SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement.

We will go much more deep into it. You will understand everything by going through all the steps, I am providing.

The Top 10 SEO Strategies which should be followed in 2020 to get huge amount of organic traffic are listed below:

1.       Finding and creating a list of Keywords.

2.       Analyzing your competitors/inspirations on Google’s First Page.

3.       Creating  your content better/different than your Competitor/Inspiration

4.       Building high quality backlinks

5.       Optimizing your own site for On-Page SEO

6.       Optimizing for Search Intent

7.       Making your content attractive

8.       Building links to your page

9.       Promoting your content to forums

10.   Updating and improving Your Content with time

Now we will go deep into our 10 Strategies to understand how to achieve that.

Step 1: Finding and creating list of Keywords

Whenever we post anything on Internet, Our site ranks for the Keywords which we use into our blog post/page. So, it’s very important to choose the right keyword. And we should also know that everything in search engine optimization revolves around Keywords. And that’s the reason, Keyword Research is usually the first step to boost your website SEO.

You can easily find the keywords which your target audiences searches, using Google suggestions.

Google Search Result

You can see the above image, how Google Search gives suggestions, through which you can choose your keywords.

You should also know that there are two types of Keywords:

(a)    Short Tail Keywords 

(b)   Long Tail Keywords


What are Short Tail Keywords?

Short tail Keywords are very competitive with a higher search volume. It consist of 2-3 words. For Example: “SEO in 2020”, which is very competitive. It is very difficult to rank on top in Google or any other search engine with Short Tail Keywords.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail Keywords are less competitive with low search volume. It can consist a sentence. For Example: “How to do SEO for website in 2020”, which is very less competitive. It will not be much difficult to rank on top in Google or any other search engine with Long Tail Keywords.

The best way to rank on Google is to use Long Tail Keywords which tends to be less competitive than Short Tail Keywords. Even though Long Keywords have low search volume but you will rank faster, if you use it.

I recommend you should take keyword suggestions through Google search which I stated above. And try to collect atleast 15 keywords though it, and use it.

How to know search volume for a Keyword/Website?

There are a lot of paid and free tools you can use for Keyword Research. You will also be able to see search volume for a particular keyword. And many more features are included in the Keyword Researching tools. For Example: Backlinks and daily visits to your competitor/inspiration’s website.

Some of them are:

  • Ubersuggest (Free Tool)
  • SEMrush
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool (Free Tool)
  • Ahref (Paid Tool)

So give it a try and drop comments if you faced any problems.

Step 2: Analyzing your competitor/inspirations content on Google’s first page

So, now in step 2 We will just know what should and how should you analyze your inspiration/competitor’s content on Google’s first page.

  • Head towards and type in url box of your browser.
  • Just type your keyword on google search bar.
  • Analyze top 10 results from the search results.

Open every result and see how is their content, are they specific to the keywords they are ranking for. If your targeted keyword is like this: Top 10 bollywood Movies in 2020, or something like this then you must see that, the results you got in search results, are they using your targeted keyword i.e. top 10 or they are providing top 20 or top 40 or something like that. So analyze everything, read their contents so that if they did a mistake in their content, you will not repeat that.

Copy their URL and search the url in SEO tools that I stated you in step 1, see how much is their traffic, how many backlinks are their for that particular post.

I will refer to this step many times in this blog. Since, it is the most important step for ranking your blogpost.

So, give this step a try and drop comment if you faced any problem.

Step 3: Creating your content better/different than your Competitor/Inspiration

Once you have completed the 2nd step, you will notice that you got everything in your head that how you will write the content. So, now I will only tell that how you can improve your content. When you analyzed the top 10 search results, you must have seen some of the mistakes that your competitor did. You will not repeat that mistake. You should not use any image from Internet ( copyright image). You will create images by yourself according to your content or you can just go to sites which provide free images (non-copyright images). Such sites are:

  • Pexels
  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay

Use these three sites, you will find awesome images in these three sites.

Keep Your content organized and attractive. Only give relevant information on the post. Tell your vistors about your refrences, ideas and what they will get if they visit your blogs regularly. And try to be interactive with your words in your blog.

You can do two things:

  • You can create better content than your competitors
  • You can do something different

If you want to write better content then just follow my guidelines stated above bit if you want to do something different then follow these things.

Sometimes you want create something bigger than better than what’s out there i.e. The Skyscraper Technique.

But sometimes you are better off with content that’s completely different. The reason behind it is that it helps your content stand out.

Step 4: Building high quality backlinks

While analyzing the top 10 search results in step 2, you must have came across the term Backlinks, and you must have noticed that the post which was on the top place i.e. Rank 1 in search result, it must have more number of backlinks than other posts in the search result. Thus, Now you should have understood that If you want to rank on top, you need to get backlinks.

In fact, according to a recent study by Stone Temple Consulting that was published on the Moz Blog, links are still strongly correlated with first page Google Rankings. Which means they’re still a key The Google Ranking Factor.

Since, building backlinks is a broad term itself. So, it is not possible to explain in detail about building backlinks here. So I will publish a separate blog on how to build high quality backinks, if this blogpost reaches to 10,000 peoples.

Here, I will try to give a brief how how to make backlinks for your post.

So the first step for building backlinks is, looking at your competitor’s backlinks which you will able to find with SEO tools such as Ubbersuggest. Look at their backlinks, and find sites which are linking to that post. Find the email of the website’s owner and write a mail to him/her that you have written a blog which is more specific than the post they have linked to their site. Attach link of your blogpost in mail, saying that they should read your blog and if they find it useful they should link your blogpost to their site.

Sometimes, they will ask for money for linking your blogpost to their site. And if you want to spend some money on backlinks you should pay to them for backlinks. But before paying, do some research on their blog, that what are the search volume of their post in which you want your blogpost to be linked. And if you got a good deal then go for it.

One more thing you can do is talk to some website’s owner’s and ask for backlinks and give them backlinks in return. That’s it about backlinks in this post.

To know more about backlinks, stay updated to our blogs and learn more.

Step 5: Optimizing your own site for On-Page SEO

In this step we will learn about On-Page SEO, that how you will optimize your content in your site. This step is all about keyword optimizing your content for SEO. There is a lot more to be covered in On-page SEO, but its not possible in this blogpost. So, I will just give a brief that how you can optimize your site for On-Page SEO.

Here, I will tell you about  three strategies for On-Page SEO that I use and I recommend you to use these three strategies.

(a) Internal Linking

Some of you must be thinking that Internal linking is a dead technique. But You should know that Internal Linking still works very well. And You should use it. But for those, who don’t know What Internal Linking means?

Internal Linking is nothing but connecting your pages/posts to one another in your site. But use Internal linking in a good way. For example: In step 4, I have explained you about making high quality backlinks in brief, and I have also promised that I will write a separate blogpost on backlinks. So when I will write the blogpost on Backlinks. I will just give a link in step 4, that Click Here to know more about Backlinks or something like that. So, with this I just wanted to say that You can link one page to another page in your website but it should make sense. So that if someone will go and click to that link, the visitor should not get frustrated. You can do much more with this. So, try to think your way of doing that.

(b) Short, Keyword Rich URL

Using short URL for your webpages/posts is a good practice. You will be surprised to know that When coming to Search Engine Optimization Short URL crushes Long URLs. You must give it a go and see results. It will definitely work.

Short URL Type

Some of you must be knowing that how you can shorten your long URLs. For those who don’t know, if you are using WordPress, you must have came across Permalinks. On every page when you click on Edit Page, On the top where the name of the page is written, Click on the Page name, and you will be able to edit your page/post URL. Try to name the URL as your keyword, like for me I will keep the url as: . So keep it short and cute.

(c) Semantic SEO

From the past 6 months, I am using this technique in some of my site and it worked for me and it gave me awesome results. So let’s start learning about What Semantic SEO means? .

Semantic SEO refers to using some other keywords in your post. In other words: When you have completed the step 1: keyword Researching. You must have made a list of 15 Keywords. Just use some of them in your article. But It should make sense. And believe me This is the best technique of On-page SEO. And also you can use keywords which show down below the Google search results with a title: People also search for. See the below image.

Semantic SEO Example

Step 6: Optimizing for Search Intent

You can say Optimizing for Search Intent is just The Skyscraper Technique 2.0. 

When you were searching for your keywords. You must have noticed that these results ranks on top many times. You can follow this way too to increase your chances of being on top of search results by just keeping your content organized like list. For example: If I follow this step in this blogpost, my title would be: Top 10 Strategies of SEO for website in 2020. So give this step a go and monitor your results, that it worked for you or not. Most of the bloggers use this technique to rank higher.

It is observed that most of visitors like simple orientation of contents. In other words, visitor get easily attracted to such titles which gives an idea that how many thing they have stated in their post. Keep Your content stepwise, because it is very easy for visitors to understand each and every step. And it also looks nice as it is arranged like a list.

 So, give this step a try and let me know in comments that it worked for you or not.

Step 7: Making your content attractive

Design is the most underrated part of Content Writing. The person who visited your site once through any source or link, he should get attracted to your content. Then only he will get back to your site other time while searching anything related to your niche. You should spend time in designing your post/page to make it attractive. You should use vectors, Illustrations, high quality images and more to make your page/post attractive for your visitors. Even you must be following some blogs, and you must be loving some websites only because of their stunning designs they put on their posts.

You should use stunning font styles not the old ones like Times New Roman. Even you will also not like the contents which are witten in old styles. So try to be modern in terms of styling atleast. You can also follow some sites which suggests new and modern font-styles.

 If we talk about colors, you should use light colours for designing your elements not the solid ones. You should only use solid colors somewhere, you wanted to highlight some text or heading.

Design & Colours

Use Graphs and charts to explain your content, because graphs and charts create a good impact on visitor. Even I use graphs and charts in my posts on my sites to explain the things and make it easy to understand for visitors. Graphs are very attractive and eye catching. So spend some time in graphs too.

Use screenshots to show something, like I have attached many screenshots to show search results. You must be liking the screenshots I have attached. It’s a good practice to make your posts/attractive.  So that if your visitors are new to something they will get an idea of it.

Step 8: Building links to your page

Now it’s the time for you to know more about link building. In this step I will tell you three techniques which are working great in 2020 through which you can actively build links to your site.

(a) Broken Link Building

Broken link building simply means finding broken links from sites and offering them replacement with your link. In other words: Imagine a site is providing 10 best SEO tool and explaining them in detail or Someone has explained an SEO technique which was working on past years but now it doesn’t work.

So you will contact that site and mail him like:


I was looking for some resources on SEO tools/techniques for 2020, and I came across your article.

Great stuff!! But In your article you have listed/explained [tool/technique {name}], it doesn’t work now/shut down recently ( time span ).

Recently I published an article on 10 SEO tools/techniques [attact link of your post]. Read it out.

It might make a nice edition to your page.

Eitherways keep up the good work.


[Your Name]

So mail to the site like this. I am sure you will surely get a reply, because you are not asking for any backlink, you are just helping that site that his content gets updated and in return you get a link to your site from the targeted site.

(b) Competitor Analysis

This strategy is old but even now most of the experts uses this technique for link building. So, get ready to understand this technique. Search  for a website which is already ranking on a Keyword that you wanted to rank for. Do analysis of that site using any SEO tool.

Like for explaining I will analyze a site which is ranking for a keyword 10 SEO tools of 2020.

I will use ubbersuggest to analyze this domain ranking on top. You can use any SEO tool of your choice.

See this domain is having 1,283 backlinks. Now I will just click on BACKLINKS.

And I got to know about with 1,283 backlinks, 199 domains are referring to his site. On scrolling down I saw this:

So I got a list of domains which are giving link of this site on their site. So I will analyze each and every site. And see if my site/post would make sense or not. If it would make sense I will try to approach the site admin to give a link of my site on their site.

So, give this technique a go, and  analyze a site ranking on your targeted keyword and let me know in comments that how far did you went or what result you got.

(c) Evangelist Method

This technique is less about links and more about getting your content in front of right peoples. Or you can say that the peoples who write blogs in your niche.


You can use BuzzSumo to get to the peoples who shared a content on your niche. And let them know about your article. So You can do so by just emailing everyone of them like this:

Hey! I am reaching out to you to tell you that I am publishing an article on [ Your post Title] very soon. As  a fan of this strategy/niche.

I thought you should be the first person to know about my article.

Want a heads up when it goes live?


[Your Name]

And When they reply to your email. Hust send them your post link. They will surely share on their social media/blog. This is a ninja technique of getting dozens of shares of your post.

That’s it in this step! If you liked this step or you loved any technique in this step. Let me know in comments. And give this step a try for your site. I would love to know in comments.

Step 9: Promoting your content to forums

You can also use Google Adwords to promote your content on your targeted keyword. But I always recommend to promote your content to forums for free and get a huge amount traffic and attention.

One of the best practice is to use the platforms which is already having a lot of Audience like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and many more forums where your content can help the audience. Because promoting your content should help the audience who are struggling to learn about something in which you are writing content.

You should make an account on the forums I told you and you should search for more forums on your niche and share your content there and help the one’s who are struggling.

Don’t always put links of your post on forums. Initially gain some respect in forums. And just help the peoples who are struggling by writing the solution there only and then put your link saying— If you want to know more about [ Post/problem title], then visit this site and know more. This is the best way of getting more shares, more traffic and more subscribers.

This step is takes very less time than any other SEO technique.

Give this a try and let me know in comments if you liked this step or if you faced any problem in doing so.

Step 10: Updating and improving Your Content with time

This step is very very important for you. So don’t skip this step as it is last SEO strategy in my list. So read it carefully. Because In this step I will tell you about how your article/post will be on top even after a year.

First I will give an example to make you understand this: Has this ever happened to you?

You have searched for something and you found a blog and then started following up all the steps that you read in that blog. And somehow after some time you realize that It doesn’t work in 2020.

Drop me in Comments if you have faced this situation anytime?

But, did you thought why did that happened? It was because of that blogger you wasted a lot of time because the blogger didn’t updated his blog with time. Do you ever like to visit that site again? I think most of you will answer a big NO.

So here Updating and Improving the content comes into role. You must have understood why updation and improvement of content is necessary.

So always keep an eye on your previous posts that whatever information you have provided in your post, it still works or not? If not kindly update it. If you find some more information regarding your previous post you should add additional information which you came to know or some other technique you came across throughout that time.

You should also remove/delete the content which don’t work in the present. And add replacement to that. So that your content be always updated and you will get more visitors and gain respect from your audience.

That’s it for this final step from my side.

Now I would like to hear from you

In this post, I have given you my Top 10 SEO strategies for your website in 2020. I hope I was able to explain you everything. If I missed something important you think then let me in know in comments.

And I would like to hear which strategy you are going to try first for your website.

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